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Tettinek Text & Translation is a full-service communication agency offering a wide range of linguistic services including translation, journalism, and copywriting.

Uncompromising quality is the common denominator for all our services, and we always focus on your needs and demands as a client.

We meet any deadline

Meeting any deadline is imperative to us, and we rather promise too little than too much.

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Safe an efficient communication can be vital to achieve the required company goals. Hence, the presentation of the message is by no means irrelevant.

​When you want to get your message across, you must talk directly to the recipient in a vivid and contemporary language. Then you prepare the ground for fruitful dialogue, which is the basis of all communication and the precondition of achieving the best outcome.​

Websites, sales letters, brochures, press releases, you name it. Tettinek Text & Translation is your reliable partner that creates texts that sell and make your client return for more.

We focus on language and are your smooth and efficient partner when you want to get the message across...

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"Feel free to contact me for a sharp and non-binding offer that corresponds in price to the challenges of the specific task!"
Michael Tettinek - Owner

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